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Life is meant to be free

Transformation and Empowerment with Hypnotherapy and Meridian Therapy

From the moment we are born our subconscious mind is programmed by our peers, parents, and our surroundings. Some of the programming generates unwanted ideas and limiting beliefs, holding us back in love and life and causing us to miss out on the things we want most.

As a result of negative programming, a lot of people feel afraid or unworthy of taking decisions or actions that would lead to better Health, Wealth, Love, and Self-Expression.

My dream is to guide people to liberate themselves from fear-based programming and limitations so that they can live their life joyously and freely and reach their highest potential.


Life comes with challenging moments: the passing of a loved one, health problems, relationship issues, a breakup, conflicts at home, financial struggles, fear of failure, a failed test or exam, etc.

The pain of these upsets can cause intense negative emotions. You might feel grief, hopelessness, vulnerability, abandonment, anger, frustration, fear, shame, and guilt.

Often these emotions stay in the body and mind for a long time, seriously damaging your well-being and affecting the people around you.

It is my mission to aid you to release these negative emotions around stressful moments so that you go from feeling stuck to feeling liberated and resourceful.

Addictions and phobias can dictate people’s behavior, reduce their quality of life and impact the people they most love.

Addictions can make you lose control over your own body, actions, and emotions. Phobias can paralyze you and keep you a prisoner of your own fear and dread. Both can make you lose friends and family, and make you feel bad, helpless, isolated, and hopeless.

It is my goal to teach people how to reduce phobias and addictions, and find new-found freedom and ease of life.



Hypnotherapy is a tool and a practice to help people re-wire subconscious beliefs, patterns, and habits for self-improvement and growth.

During Hypnotherapy, the natural state of hypnosis relaxes you and increases responsiveness to positive suggestions and imagery.

Hypnotherapy assists you to achieve your goals in, among others:

  • Boosting motivation

  • Starting good habits

  • Building self-confidence

  • Gaining self-esteem

  • Increasing financial income

  • Establishing a prosperity mindset

  • Addressing addictions

  • Reducing phobias

  • Processing emotions

After a couple of sessions of Hypnotherapy, people usually feel a major shift or a fulfillment of their goals.

Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy


Meridian Therapy is a stress and trauma reduction method for the mind and body, and is also applied to transform unwanted programming, blockages, and self-sabotage into liberating beliefs and a positive mindset.

​During Meridian Therapy, the meridian points on the wrist are pressed while the negative emotions are exhaled.

Meridian Therapy reduces stress and trauma efficiently, easily, and comfortably by releasing negative feelings of:

  • Sadness and grief

  • Worry and hopelessness

  • Insecurity and abandonment

  • ​Anger and frustration

  • Fear and dread

  • Shame and guilt

​It is common to finish a session feeling clearer, lighter, and more focused.

You deserve a safe place to relax

All our appointments will be online and take place in the privacy of your own home via Zoom.


Our virtual appointments make it easy to book and attend from the comfort of your home.




$90 Session

Sessions are typically 90 minutes.

Meridian Therapy:

$60 Session for 60 min

$30 Session for 30 min

“Edward Bister is a perceptive, knowledgeable, and sincere therapist.  Edward helped me to clear my deeply embedded negative beliefs. During every therapy session, I felt comfortable, understood, and supported.  After each session, I felt light hearted, hopeful, and open to goodness.  I was happily amazed to feel the positive effects increasing with each successive session.  Today, I feel stronger to handle challenges that may come up.  The emotional healing and positive growth that I have experienced with Edward has far exceeded my expectations.”

Lynne Susanne, USA


About Edward

"My passion is guiding people in their transformation from stress into relaxation, trauma into peace, addiction into connection, and limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs."

Edward Bister is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, an internationally esteemed leader in the field of hypnotherapy education and the exclusive provider of Integral Hypnotherapy™ Training, a scientifically validated methodology. He completed additional extensive training to become a Meridian Therapy practitioner.


Passionate about empowerment, healing, and transformation, Edward assists his clients with remarkable results ranging from emotional breakthroughs to personal growth and development. His client-centric and results-oriented approach help create tangible and meaningful results in an environment that is compassionate and confidential.

From small shifts to giant leaps, the greatest source of satisfaction for Edward is seeing his clients being pleasantly surprised at their own sense of empowerment and self-healing.


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